Aluminum Coil for Curtain Walls: Material Selection and Applications

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Curtain walls, as important decorative and protective structures for building facades, have strict requirements for material selection. Aluminum coil, as one of the main materials for curtain walls, plays a crucial role in material selection and application. This article explores the different materials of aluminum coil for curtain walls and their applications in curtain wall engineering.

Series 1 Aluminum Alloy Coil

Series 1 aluminum alloy coil, also known as pure aluminum coil, has excellent machinability and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for general curtain wall applications. Its lightweight and easy processing characteristics make Series 1 aluminum alloy coil widely used in architectural curtain walls. Not only is Series 1 aluminum alloy coil relatively low in price, but it also comes in a variety of colors to meet the needs of different architectural design styles.

Series 3 Aluminum Alloy Coil

Series 3 aluminum alloy coil has good strength and corrosion resistance, commonly used in curtain wall manufacturing in coastal areas or high humidity environments. Series 3 aluminum alloy coil in curtain wall engineering typically bears certain loads and wind pressure resistance, ensuring the stability and safety of curtain wall structures.

Series 5 and 6 Aluminum Alloy Coil

Series 5 and 6 aluminum alloy coils have higher strength and hardness, suitable for curtain wall projects with higher strength and wind pressure resistance requirements. These aluminum alloy coils are often used in large-scale architectural curtain wall projects or curtain wall designs under special climatic conditions, meeting the usage demands in complex environments.

Surface Treatment and Decorative Effects

In addition to aluminum alloy selection, surface treatment and decorative effects of aluminum coil are also important considerations in curtain wall design. Anodizing treatment can improve the corrosion resistance and surface hardness of aluminum coil, suitable for outdoor curtain walls. Coating treatment can provide a wide range of color choices and decorative effects, commonly used in architectural curtain wall decoration.

Application Examples

By selecting suitable materials of aluminum coil and combining different surface treatments and decorative effects, diversified curtain wall designs can be achieved. For example, a simple curtain wall made of Series 1 aluminum alloy coil injects modernity into the building, while a Series 3 aluminum alloy coil with coating treatment can create a colorful and layered appearance for the curtain wall.


In curtain wall engineering, the selection and application of aluminum coil have significant impacts on the appearance, performance, and service life of buildings. By comprehensively considering material characteristics, surface treatment, and decorative effects, selecting suitable aluminum coil materials, and meeting actual project requirements, high-quality and durable curtain wall designs and constructions can be achieved.

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