Application of Aluminum Foil Packaging in Different Fields

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Development of aluminum foil packaging

The development of aluminum foil packaging Aluminum foil packaging began in the early 20th century, when aluminum foil was used as an expensive packaging material, only for high-grade packaging. In 1911, Swiss confectionery companies began to pack chocolate with aluminum foil, gradually replacing tin foil. In 1913, the United States also began to produce aluminum foil based on the success of aluminum smelting, mainly used for high-end goods, life-saving products and chewing gum packaging. In 1921, the United States successfully developed composite aluminum foil board, which was mainly used as decorative board and advanced packaging folding carton. In 1938, hot-sealed aluminum foil was introduced. During World War II, aluminum foil developed rapidly as a military packaging material. In 1948, formed aluminum foil containers were used to package food. In the 1950s, aluminum paper, aluminum-plastic composites began to develop. In the 1970s, with the maturity of color printing technology, aluminum foil and aluminum-plastic composite packaging entered a period of rapid popularity.

Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

In 2002, the global output value of the pharmaceutical packaging industry was nearly 11 billion US dollars, with an average growth rate of 4%. Aluminum foil is mainly used for blister packaging in medical packaging. Drum packaging is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride tablets (PVC) and 0.02mm thick aluminum foil, which has become the main packaging method of western medicine tablets and capsules. Bubble cover packaging has the advantages of moisture-proof, easy to carry, safety and health.

Food packaging aluminum foil

There are two main applications of aluminum foil in food packaging: one is aluminum plastic or aluminum paper composite packaging; the other is aluminum, plastic, paper multilayer composite packaging, namely TetraPak packaging.

Toothpaste packaging composite hose

Aluminum-plastic composite hose has excellent barrier performance, strong corrosion resistance and good printing adaptability, so it is widely used in the packaging of toothpaste, cosmetics and some industrial products.

Development prospect of aluminum foil packaging

The development of aluminum foil packaging is closely related to the progress of material composite technology. Composite materials are divided into base layer, functional layer and thermal sealing layer: the base layer mainly plays aesthetic appearance, printing, moisture resistance and other functions; the functional layer mainly blocks and avoids light; the thermal sealing layer directly contact with packaging items, playing adaptability, permeability resistance, thermal sealing and other functions. With the development of base material and composite technology, the function of aluminum foil packaging will be continuously improved.

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