Characteristics of Oiled Aluminum Foil

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Oiled aluminum foil is a material with a layer of oil applied to its surface, enhancing its performance and expanding its range of applications. Here are the main characteristics of oiled aluminum foil:

Non-stick Properties

Excellent Non-stick Effect: The smooth surface of oiled aluminum foil prevents food or other substances from sticking to it. During cooking, food does not adhere to the foil, maintaining its integrity.

Easy to Clean: Using oiled aluminum foil reduces the cleaning workload, as residue on baking sheets and grills is easier to clean off.

High Temperature Resistance

Stable at High Temperatures: Oiled aluminum foil remains stable in high-temperature environments without deforming or breaking, making it ideal for oven and barbecue cooking.

Even Heat Distribution: Aluminum foil’s excellent thermal conductivity ensures even heat distribution, allowing food to cook evenly.

Freshness Preservation

Moisture Retention: Oiled aluminum foil effectively locks in moisture, preventing food from drying out during baking or storage, and maintaining a fresh taste.

Oxidation Prevention: By isolating air, oiled aluminum foil reduces the risk of food oxidation and spoilage, extending its freshness period.

Excellent Insulation and Barrier Properties

Insulation: Oiled aluminum foil effectively blocks heat transfer, protecting the contents from high temperatures. This is particularly important in food packaging and industrial applications.

Barrier Properties: In electrical equipment, oiled aluminum foil can act as an insulating material, preventing electrical leakage and short circuits.


Moisture and Water Resistance: Oiled aluminum foil boasts excellent moisture and water resistance, preventing moisture penetration and protecting the packaged contents. This makes it widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Easy to Process and Use

Good Flexibility: Oiled aluminum foil has excellent flexibility and plasticity, making it easy to fold, cut, and wrap.

Versatile Applications: Due to its superior performance, oiled aluminum foil can be used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, industrial protection, and more.

Application Fields

Food Packaging: Used for wrapping and storing food, such as baked goods and refrigerated items, to keep them fresh.

Pharmaceutical Packaging: Used in pharmaceutical packaging to prevent moisture and oxidation, extending the shelf life of medicines.

Industrial Applications: Used in metal processing protection and construction waterproofing, enhancing material durability and performance.


Oiled aluminum foil, with its excellent non-stick properties, high temperature resistance, freshness preservation, and waterproof qualities, is an indispensable material across various industries. Its versatile applications and superior performance have earned it widespread recognition and use in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and industrial protection.

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