Classification of Aluminum Foil and for its Downstream Applications

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First of all, according to the thickness, aluminum foil can be divided into double zero foil, single zero foil and thick foil.

Double zero foil refers to the foil with two zero (thickness <0.01mm). When the thickness is mm, single zero foil with one zero (0.01mm thickness <0.1mm); thick foil refers to the aluminum foil with thickness between 0.1mm and 0.2mm. Different terminal applications will have different thickness requirements.

Generally speaking, double zero foil is mainly used for food packaging, cigarette packaging, electronic foil, etc.; single zero foil is used for some food packaging, drug packaging, electronic circuit signal shielding, air conditioning foil, etc.; thick foil is mainly used for air conditioning foil, container foil, building decoration and industrial purposes.

According to the alloy composition, aluminum calendering materials can be divided into: 1 series —— industrial pure aluminum; 2 series —— aluminum copper alloy; 3 series —— aluminum manganese alloy; 4 series —— aluminum silicon alloy; 5 series —— aluminum magnesium alloy; 6 series —— aluminum magnesium silicon alloy; 7 series —— aluminum zinc magnesium copper alloy; 8 series —— other alloy; 9 series —— standby alloy. Common alloy labels are: 1050,1060,1070,1100,3003,3004,5005,5052,8011, etc. The most commonly used aluminum foil is 1 series of industrial pure aluminum, aluminum content of more than 99.0%, strong electrical conductivity, good formability, corrosion resistance, low strength, can not heat treatment reinforcement. In addition, some products will use 3 series aluminum manganese series alloy and 8 series of alloy.

Aluminum foil has a wide range of downstream applications, mainly used in green packaging, household appliances, home appliances, electronic communication, transportation, printing, chemical industry, building materials, decoration and other industries. According to the statistics of China Non-ferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, packaging and container foil accounted for the largest proportion, reaching 52% of all aluminum foil, followed by air conditioning foil, accounting for 22%.

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