Exploring the Use of Aluminum Circles in the Lampshade

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Aluminum circles are widely used in lampshades and are usually used to make the framework or decorative properties of lampshades. Specifically, the application of aluminum circles in lampshades includes the following aspects:


Aluminum circles can create a skeleton structure inside the lampshade to support the entire lampshade. Aluminum circles have good strength and toughness, and can maintain their original strength and shape even after processing such as stamping and bending. Meanwhile, the appearance of the aluminum disc is also relatively flat, which will not affect the overall aesthetics of the lampshade.


Aluminum circles can be professionally processed and punched into different shapes, such as round, square, triangle, etc., and then used techniques such as window opening and punching to make decorative lampshades. For example, in modern minimalist design, aluminum circles are used to create streamlined or polygonal decorations as an element of the lampshade, which can increase the sense of dimensionality and enhance the aesthetic effect of the entire lighting fixture.

3.Heat dissipation

Some aluminum circles are used in lampshades to improve the heat dissipation capacity of the lamp. Aluminum material has good thermal conductivity and can quickly transfer the heat generated inside the lamp to the external air. By installing heat dissipation aluminum circles under the lampshade, the heat dissipation capacity of the lamp can be effectively improved, and the service life of the lamp can be extended.

In short, the use of aluminum circles in lampshades is mainly for making the framework or decorative properties of lampshades, while also enhancing the heat dissipation capacity of lamps. Aluminum circles have advantages such as high strength, good toughness, and strong processing performance, which can meet the production needs of different lighting fixtures.

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