How Do I Install Aluminum Foil Oil-Proof Stickers?

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Aluminum foil oil-proof stickers are commonly used for decoration and protection, especially in kitchen areas prone to grease and stains. Installing aluminum foil oil-proof stickers is a relatively simple process, requiring only the correct steps and techniques. This article provides detailed instructions on how to install aluminum foil oil-proof stickers to help you complete this task effectively.


1. Prepare Materials

Before starting the installation of aluminum foil oil-proof stickers, gather the following materials: aluminum foil oil-proof stickers, cleaning agent or water, and a clean cloth or soft cloth.

2. Clean the Surface

Ensure that the installation surface is clean, flat, dry, and free of grease or dust. Use a cleaning agent or water to wipe the surface, then dry it with a clean cloth or soft cloth.

3. Measure Dimensions

Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the dimensions of the area to be covered. This ensures that the size of the aluminum foil oil-proof sticker matches the surface.

4. Cut the Sticker

Based on the measured dimensions, mark and cut out the corresponding size of the aluminum foil oil-proof sticker.

5. Position the Sticker

Place the cut aluminum foil oil-proof sticker on the surface to be covered, ensuring that it is positioned correctly and not misplaced.

6. Adhere to the Surface

Starting from one side of the sticker, gradually adhere the aluminum foil oil-proof sticker to the surface. Use your fingers or a scraper to gently press down, ensuring that the sticker adheres tightly to the surface and removing any air bubbles.

7. Trim the Edges

There may be some excess parts on the edges of the sticker. Use scissors or a knife to trim the edges, aligning them with the surface edges.

8. Firmly Press and Fix

Once the sticker is applied, use your hand or a scraper to gently press down on the entire sticker again, ensuring that it is securely fixed to the surface.

9. Surface Treatment

If necessary, use a soft cloth or rag to gently wipe the surface of the aluminum foil oil-proof sticker, making it smooth and clean.

After installation, allow some time for the aluminum foil oil-proof sticker to fully adhere to the surface. It is essential to handle the cleaning and sticking process with care to avoid damaging the surface or causing the sticker to lose its adhesiveness.


By following the above steps correctly, you can effectively protect the surface from oil stains and maintain a clean and tidy appearance, particularly in kitchen areas.

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