How is Aluminum Mesh Produced?

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Aluminum mesh is a grid-like material processed using the special properties of aluminum and commonly used in fields such as screening, filtration, protection, and isolation. The production process of aluminum mesh mainly includes the following steps:

Material preparation

The main material for producing aluminum mesh is high-purity aluminum, preferably aluminum alloy, to improve strength and corrosion resistance. These materials need to be cut into aluminum strips of certain specifications for subsequent processing.

Precision machining

The aluminum strip is stretched and pressed through precision machining equipment such as wire drawing machines to become aluminum wire with certain specifications and dimensions, and processed into aluminum mesh through a series of processes. Usually, aluminum mesh needs to be processed into aluminum mesh with different specifications, sizes, pore sizes, shapes, and other characteristics according to specific application requirements.

Surface treatment

Aluminum mesh usually needs to undergo surface treatment to enhance its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The processing technology mainly includes anodizing, painting, etc., to achieve a smooth surface and improve its wear resistance.


After surface treatment, it is necessary to inspect whether the performance of the aluminum mesh meets the standards. The inspection items mainly include the aperture, wire diameter, porosity, tensile strength, etc. of the mesh.

Packaging sales

After the aluminum mesh is produced through the above process, it will go through packaging, and there are various packaging and sales forms. Common packaging forms are roll or flat packaging, while sales forms are usually customized aluminum mesh products or aluminum mesh rolls.

In general, the production of aluminum mesh requires the use of precision machining equipment such as wire drawing and pressing and a relatively complex production process to achieve accurate mesh shape, uniform mesh size, and reliable quality.

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