3/8 Aluminum Plate

Alloy: 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx Series

Temper: O, H12, H16, H22, H24, H28, etc

Width: 80mm-2850mm

Thickness: 3/8 inch/ 9.525 mm

Length: Any

Size: 4×8, 4×10, 5×10, 6×10, customized

What is 3 8 Aluminum ?

3/8 aluminum plate is a thickness of 0.375 inches. 3/8 aluminum plate is a popular term for the thickness of aluminum plates. When translated to millimeters, it measures 9.525mm. 3/8 aluminum plate is quite popular and has a variety of applications. It has use in industrial industries such as vehicle manufacture, aircraft, architectural decorating, and shipbuilding.

0.375 inch aluminum plate packaging
3/8 inch=9.525mm

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3/8 Aluminum Sheet Size

Aluminum Sheet Alloy
  • 3 8 1100 aluminum sheets
  • 3 8 5052 aluminum plate
  • 3 8 6061 aluminum plate
  • 3003 aluminum plate 3 8
Aluminum Sheet Size
  • 4×8 3/8 aluminum sheet
  • 1 8 x 3 aluminum sheet
  • 3 8 8 x 12 aluminum sheet
Aluminum Sheet Type
  • 3 8 thick sheet of anodized aluminum alloy
  • 36 x 36 3 8 aluminum honeycomb sheet
  • Aluminum sheet 3 8 brushed finished
  • 3 8 aluminum checkered plate
  • 3 8 aluminum diamond plate

3 8 in Aluminum Plate Specifications

Alloy 1050 1060 1100 3003 3005 5052 5083 5754 6061 6063, etc
Temper O-H112, T3-T8, T351-T851
Thickness 0.375 inch/9.525mm
Width 80-2650mm
Length Any
MOQ 1 Ton
Surface treatment Mill Finish, Coated, Powder Coated, Anodized, Mirror, Embossed, checkered, etc.
Delivery Time 7-25 days after order confirmation
Standards GB/T 33227-2016、JIS H4000、ASTM B209、EN 485
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

4×8 3/8 Aluminum Sheet

A 3/8 aluminum plate with dimensions 4×8 means an aluminum plate that is 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 3/8 inches thick. The 4 in “4×8” represents the width of the board, which can be expressed as 4inch or 4′, and the 8 represents the length of the board, which can be expressed as 8inch or 8′.

3/8 Aluminum Sheet Weight Calculation

Let’s take 48×96 3/8 aluminum plate as an example, where “48” means 48 inches (4 feet) and “96” means 96 inches (8 feet). That is, the weight calculation of a 3/8 aluminum plate with plate dimensions of 4’ x 8’.
Aluminum plate weight calculation formula: weight = length x width x thickness x density.

3 8 aluminum plate 4×8

Density Approximately 0.0975 lbs/cubic inch
Width 4 feet/1220 mm/48 inches
Length 8 feet/2240 mm/96 inches
Thickness 0.375 inch
9.525 mm
Volume 1728 cubic in
Wight 168.48 lbs/2695.68 oz

A piece of aluminum sheet 4×8 3 8 weighs approximately 168.48 lbs or 76.42kg.

3 8 in Aluminum Plate: Typicall Applications







Building Building

How Tight Can You Bend 3 8 Aluminum Plate

The bending ability of 3/8 aluminum plate is mostly determined by the type and grade of aluminum alloy employed. For example, 3003 or 6061 are easier to bend than other alloys; the O state is weaker than the T6 state but has higher ductility and is hence easier to bend. Furthermore, the bendability of the 3/8 aluminum plate depends on the equipment you employ. The bending machine or roll bending will have an impact on the bending radius.

How to Cut 3 8 Aluminum

  1. Punching and shearing machines are equipment built specifically for cutting sheet metal, such as aluminum. It uses a punch and die mechanism to generate clean, precise cuts.
  2. Metal Circular Saw: Use a circular saw with a carbide or aluminum cutting blade. Make sure the blade is properly aligned and only cut along the line.

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