5052 h32 Aluminum Sheet

Alloy: 5052

Temper: H32

Thickness: 0.1-350mm

Width: 100-2600mm

MOQ: 1 Ton

Delivery Time: 7-25 days after order confirmation

Product Introduction

5052 H32 aluminum sheet is a standard annealed temper for 5052 aluminum alloys. H32 temper is a direct annealing treatment at an annealing temperature of 420-475°C that improves the high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance of 5052 aluminium sheets.
Henan Yongsheng Aluminum has 25 years of expertise producing 5052h32 aluminum sheets. Our major products are aluminum alloy plates, aluminum strips, aluminum foil, aluminum tread plates, and aluminum foil lunch boxes. YSA 5052 aluminium sheet is commonly used in automobiles, ships, flange materials, air reservoirs, precision machinery, and other applications. Yongsheng aluminum sheet plates are inexpensive and can accommodate batch, OEM, and ODM requirements. For more information, please contact us.

5052-h32 Aluminum Specifications 

Product Name 5052 H32 Aluminum Sheet
Alloy 5052
Temper H32, H34, H18, H14, H24, etc
Thickness 0.1-350mm
Width 100-2600mm
Length Any
Surface Treatment Mill Finish, Coated, Powder Coated, Anodized, Mirror, Embossed, checkered, etc.
MOQ 1 Ton
Sample Free
Delivery Time 7-25 days after order confirmation
Standards GB/T 33227-2016、JIS H4000、ASTM B209、EN 485
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

5052 h32 Aluminum Mechanical Properties

5052 h32 aluminum yield strength ≥70 MPa
5052 h32 aluminum tensile strength 173-244 MPa
5052 h32 aluminum elongation 12-18 %

5052 H32 Aluminum: Hot-saling Size

0.024 in 5052 h32 aluminum 016 5052-h32 black aluminum sheet 025 5052-h32 aluminum sheet
063 5052-h32 aluminum sheet 125 inch 5052-h32 aluminum sheet 5052 h32 aluminum sheet 11 gauge

5052-h32 Aluminum Properties

The density of 5052-h32 aluminum is approximately 2.68 kg/cm3. Its features include light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and extreme cold temperature resistance. Good welding performance: allows for gas welding, arc welding, resistance welding, spot welding, and seam welding. Crystal cracks frequently form during TIG welding. The brazing performance is good, however the soft soldering performance is weak. It is capable of doing surface oxidation, stamping, and deep processing, among other functions.

Product Applications

5052h32 aluminum sheet is used in the construction of aviation fuel tanks, oil pipe fuel tanks, transportation vehicle shells, ship sheet metal parts, instruments, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware goods, electrical casings, and so on.

3003 5052 aluminum plate for bus roof

5052 Aluminum Alloy Packaging

1. Clamp paper or film to the metal sheet to ensure that the surface remains intact and free of scratches.
2. Plastic or kraft paper wrapping is utilized to protect the metal plates from moisture and rain, ensuring that they remain clean and dirt-free during shipment.
3. Install hardwood supports and reinforce them with steel strips to prevent accidents during shipping and keep the geometric shape of the aluminum sheets intact.
4. Export products are packaged in fumigation-marked wooden boxes and pallets.
5. Packaging based on the customer’s additional packaging requirements.

5052 h32 aluminum sheet packaging

5052 h32 Aluminum Sheet Price

The price of 5052-H32 aluminum plate is not fixed. The price of Yongsheng 5052 H32 aluminum plate is the aluminum ingot price + processing fee on that day. Contact us to learn more about 5052 aluminum sheets or get a quote today for more pricing details. Yongsheng Aluminum is your premier resource for high-quality aluminum sheet products.

Product & Packaging Photos

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Yongsheng Aluminum is a leading aluminum products manufacturer&supplier in China with 25 years of export experience. Our outstanding product quality, price, and always on-time delivery has won us many long term partners and gained a great reputation worldwide. We provide one-stop product solution for both CC&DC aluminum products.

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