The Detailed Introduction of 3003-H14 Aluminum Plate

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3003-H14 aluminum plate is a pure aluminum alloy plate with excellent corrosion resistance and forming ability. Its main components are aluminum, manganese, and trace amounts of copper. The 3003-H14 aluminum plate is processed through cold rolling process during the manufacturing process, which gives it higher strength and better formability, while maintaining good corrosion resistance. Its main characteristics are as follows:

1. Good corrosion resistance: The 3003-H14 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance and can be used in humid and chemically corrosive environments.

2. Excellent forming ability: 3003-H14 aluminum plate is easy to form and is suitable for various processing processes, including twisting, stretching, forming, and composition.

3. Easy to process: The 3003-H14 aluminum plate is easy to process such as punching, drilling, cutting, bending, etc., and can meet various different needs.

4. Good weldability: The 3003-H14 aluminum plate has good weldability and supports multiple stainless steel welding methods.

5. Lightweight: 3003-H14 aluminum plate has low density and is a lightweight and moderately strong material widely used in various products that require lightweight.

H14 aluminum plate, after cold rolling in a dry and clean environment, has higher strength and better formability. It is commonly used in industrial fields such as manufacturing metal casings, car roofs, doors, building decorations, chemical storage containers, home appliance accessories, and aircraft parts.

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