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White aluminum coil is an aluminum coil with a coated surface that is white in color. Surface treatment, primer coating, curing, topcoat coating, and curing are typical techniques used to create it from aluminum coils. White aluminum trim coils are light, recyclable, corrosion-resistant, and color-uniform. It is widely utilized in the construction of curtain walls, roofs, ceilings, indoor and outdoor décor, and other applications. It is a high-quality construction material.

Yongsheng Aluminum is located in Huiguo Town, Gongyi City, Henan Province. It is an excellent enterprise integrating the production, processing and sales of color coated aluminum coils. We supply color coated aluminum coil with various colors and patterns, including solid color, imitation stone pattern, imitation wood pattern and other colored aluminum products. We use high quality PE, PVDF and other paints for production. The paint has high adhesion and is easy to bend. It has strong performance, fine surface texture and bright colors.

Properties of White Aluminum Coil:

White aluminum coil has several properties that make it a desirable material for various applications. Firstly, it is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use. Secondly, it is corrosion-resistant, which means it can resist rust and other forms of corrosion. Thirdly, it is heat-resistant, which makes it suitable for use in high-temperature environments. Fourthly, it is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and transport. Lastly, it is flexible, which makes it easy to shape and mold into different forms.

Manufacturing Process of White Aluminum Coil:

The manufacturing process of white aluminum coils includes multiple steps such as raw material preparation, surface treatment, coating, curing, cutting and packaging. Details are as follows:

  1. Raw material preparation: Aluminum coil is the basic material of white aluminum coil. High-purity aluminum materials are usually used, such as aluminum 1000 series alloy, 3000 series aluminum alloys and 5000 series aluminum alloys. These aluminum alloys have good processing properties and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for manufacturing white aluminum coils.
  2. Surface treatment: Before the aluminum coil is coated, its surface needs to be treated to ensure that the coating can adhere firmly to the surface of the aluminum coil. Surface treatment usually includes steps such as cleaning, degreasing, pickling and phosphating.
  3. Coating: After the surface treatment is completed, the aluminum coil is fed into the coating line for coating. Coating lines usually consist of multiple workstations, each with a different function. For example, the first workstation is typically used to apply primer, the second to apply topcoat, the third to dry, etc. The coatings applied are usually made of polyester, polyurethane, polyamide and other materials.
  4. Curing: After coating is completed, the aluminum coil stock needs to be cured to ensure that the coating can adhere firmly to the surface of the aluminum coil. Curing is usually accomplished by feeding the aluminum roll into an oven where it is heated. The temperature and time of the oven can be adjusted according to different coatings and requirements.
  5. Cutting and packaging: After curing is completed, the aluminum coil is fed into the cutting machine for cutting to meet customer needs of different sizes and requirements. After cutting is complete, the aluminum coils stock are packed and ready for shipment.

Applications of White Aluminum Coil:

White aluminum coils are widely used in various industries due to their versatility and aesthetics. Let’s explore some of the key areas where white aluminum coils play an important role:

Building and Construction Industry: White aluminum coils are widely used in roofing, cladding, and facade systems in the building and construction industry. It is great for residential and commercial structures due to its energy efficiency, weather resilience, and lifespan. White aluminum coils’ reflecting characteristics help reduce heat absorption, increasing energy efficiency and lowering cooling costs. Furthermore, its adaptability allows architects and designers to develop visually beautiful structures with a wide range of design alternatives. Aluminum coils such as 1100 aluminum coil, 3003 aluminum coil, 3105 aluminum coil, and others are commonly used.

Signs and Advertising: White aluminum coils are highly sought after in the sign and advertising industry. Its clean, bright appearance combined with its reflective properties makes it the perfect choice for creating eye-catching displays. Whether used for outdoor billboards, storefront signs or indoor advertising panels, white aluminum coils provide a vibrant and professional look. Additionally, its UV resistance ensures that colors remain bright and vibrant even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Commonly used 1100 color aluminum coils and 3003 color aluminum coils.

white aluminium coil for signs

Automotive Industry: The automotive industry benefits from the unique properties of white aluminum coils. Its lightweight properties help improve fuel efficiency, reduce the vehicle’s overall weight and improve its performance. White aluminum coils are also used in automotive thermal management systems, where their heat-reflective capabilities help dissipate heat generated by engines or other components. In addition, the corrosion and scratch resistance of white aluminum coils ensures that the car’s appearance retains its original appearance for a long time. In the automotive industry, aluminum alloys with good formability and strength will be more popular, such as 5052 aluminum coils, 6061 aluminum coils, 5182 aluminum coils, etc.

Electronics and Appliances: White aluminum coils are used extensively in the electronics and appliances industries, particularly in goods that require excellent heat dissipation. The white aluminum coil’s reflecting surface aids in the dissipation of heat created by the electrical components, ensuring their reliable and efficient operation. Radiators, LED lighting fixtures, and other household appliances are common uses for this material. Brands like 1100, 3003, 5052, and so on are widely used in the electronic and electrical industries.

Interior Design and Decoration Applications: White aluminum trim coils are a popular choice for interior design and decoration applications. Its sleek, modern look makes it suitable for creating stylish furniture, wall panels and ceiling systems. White gives a spacious and bright feel and is perfect for enhancing the visual appeal of interior spaces. Additionally, white aluminum coils stock can be combined with other materials, such as glass or wood, to create unique and modern designs.

YSA white aluminum coil

YSA Color Coated Aluminum Coil:

Yongsheng not only supplies white aluminum coil stock lowes, but also produces various colored aluminum coils and their deep-processed products: such as aluminum plates, aluminum strips, aluminum foil, etc. Colored aluminum coils (including white aluminum coils) can be produced by shearing, cutting or roller-cutting and other processing methods. Aluminum plates have a flat surface and a large size range, and can be further processed into various shapes, such as covers, shells, panels, etc. Color aluminum coils (such as white) can be produced by shearing or cutting and other processing methods. Aluminum strip is a long and narrow aluminum material commonly used in electronic and electrical, packaging, chemical industry and construction fields. Yongsheng color aluminum coils can even be used to make aluminum foil through processing methods such as rolling and thinning. Aluminum foil is a very thin aluminum material, usually between 0.006 mm and 0.2 mm thick. Commonly used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic devices, batteries and heat sinks, etc.

YSA color coated aluminium coil

You are welcome to contact us for business via the Yongsheng official website, phone, email, etc. You are also welcome to visit the Yongsheng factory. We look forward to establishing a good cooperative relationship with you!


Which coating is best for aluminum?

The best coating depends on the specific use of the aluminum product, environmental conditions and individual needs. Here are several common aluminum product coatings:

  • Nonstick coating (Teflon or cast iron coating): Nonstick coatings are suitable for cooking pots and pans. They prevent food from sticking to the bottom and make cleaning easy.
  • Anodized Coating: Commonly used on aluminum pans, bicycle frames, and other applications that require a durable surface coating.
  • Powder Coating: Commonly used on aluminum doors, windows, furniture, and industrial equipment to provide additional protection and decoration.
  • Electroplated Coatings: Electroplated coatings are used in applications that require a coating for decoration or to improve conductivity, such as electronic equipment parts.
  • Spray or Roll Coating: Suitable for general purposes such as aluminum furniture, doors, windows and other decorative applications.

Which coil is best for AC?

For alternating current, the most suitable type is an aluminum coil made of pure aluminum. Pure aluminum has good electrical conductivity properties, making it an ideal material for transmitting and carrying alternating current. In comparison, although copper is also a commonly used conductive material, pure aluminum coils have certain advantages in terms of performance and cost.

How long does aluminum trim coil last?

With normal use and proper maintenance, aluminum coils can last about 10 years. If you use color-coated aluminum trim coil, its service life will be greatly extended to 50 years or more. According to the actual situation, the service life of aluminum trim coils are closely related to material quality, environmental conditions, usage methods and frequency of use. Based on the above factors, it is difficult for me to give a definite time frame.

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