Aluminium 1050 Circle for Lampshades

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Aluminium 1050 circle for lampshade

Aluminium lampshade

For aluminum lampshades, a common alloy material is aluminium 1050 circle. In the selection of aluminium 1050 circle, the commonly used state is O (soft state).

aluminium 1050 circles belong to the pure aluminum series with good ductility and surface finish. O condition indicates that the aluminum circles have been annealed and have good plasticity and bending properties for applications requiring deep drawing, bending, and forming.

Aluminum lampshades usually need to be formed into the desired shape and structure by stamping, bending, stretching, etc. The O state of aluminium 1050 circle can meet the requirements of these processes, and due to the good plasticity of pure Aluminum, complex shapes and details can be better achieved.

The reasons we choose aluminium 1050 circles for lampshades

High Purity: 1050 aluminium circle piece is a pure aluminum material with high purity and no impurities.

Excellent Plasticity: 1050 aluminium circle piece is in an O state, after annealing treatment, has good plasticity and ductility, easy to stamp, bend, and form.

Lightweight: The relatively low density of aluminum makes the lampshade made of aluminium 1050 discs lightweight.

Good Thermal Conductivity: Aluminum has good thermal conductivity and can dissipate heat effectively, suitable for lampshade applications that require heat dissipation.

Corrosion Resistance: 1050 aluminium circle has good corrosion resistance and can resist common oxidation, corrosion, and chemical attack.

Aluminium 1050 circle for lampshade

Processing methods of aluminium 1050 lampshades

Stamping and Forming: 1050 aluminium circle can be stamped to create lampshades in a variety of shapes, including flat shapes, concave and convex shapes, and complex contours.

Bending and Welding: 1050 aluminium circle can be bent to the desired shape and the assembly can be secured by welding or other joining methods.

Surface Treatment: According to the need, 1050 aluminium circles can be subjected to surface treatment, such as anodic oxidation, spraying, electrophoretic coating, etc., to increase its corrosion resistance and decorative properties.

Aluminum materials for lampshade: 1xxx or 3xxx

When choosing the right material for your lampshade, consider 1050/1060 aluminum or 3xxx aluminum alloy. Here are some comparisons of these two materials:

Aluminium 1050:

– Pure aluminum material with high purity and good malleability.

– Suitable for simple shapes such as flat shapes or a few bends.

– Has low strength and hardness and is relatively lightweight.

– Lower prices.

3xxx aluminum alloys (e.g., 3003, 3004, 3105, etc.):

– Alloy material with suitable alloying elements such as manganese and copper added to enhance strength and hardness.

– For more complex shade shapes, such as concave and convex shapes and more complex contours.

– Higher strength and hardness than aluminium 1050.

– It has high corrosion resistance and is suitable for outdoor or high humidity environments.

– Higher prices.

In summary, if the shape of the lampshade is relatively simple and does not require a high level of material strength and hardness, aluminium 1050 would be a suitable option. However, if the shade has a complex shape, requires higher strength and corrosion resistance, or is used in an outdoor environment, a 3-series aluminum alloy may be more suitable.

Yongsheng aluminum circles:

Our aluminum lampshades are exported to the Middle East and Southeast Asia in large quantities. Welcome to inquire at any time.

Aluminium 1050 discs

Aluminum circles are made by stamping aluminum coils. It is about that Alloy/Grade 1000 Series, 3000 Series, 5000 Series, 8000 Series. Thickness is 0.13mm-6.5mm, Diameter is 80mm-1000mm, as for length according to your requirements.  Aluminum circle is used in cooking utensils, lighting, hardware and other aspects, and is one of the products with the largest amount of deep processing of aluminum alloy.

Specifications of Yongsheng Aluminum Circle:

Alloy: 1050 1060 1100 3003 3004 5052

Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H24, H26, H32, H34, etc.

Width: 100mm-2650mm, customized

Thickness: 0.3 mm- 10 mm

Treatment: Hot rolling (DC), cold rolling (CC), cast

Surface: Mill finish, coating

Aluminum Circle for Lampshade
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