14 Gauge Aluminum Sheet

Alloy: 1000 3000 5000 6000 Series

Temper: O-H112, T3-T8, T351-T851

Thickness: 1.628 mm/0.0641 inch

Width: 100-2600mm

MOQ: 1 Ton

Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

Product Introduction

14 gauge aluminum sheet is also called 14 ga aluminum sheet. “ga” is the abbreviation of “gauge”, which represents the thickness of metal aluminum and steel. There is no specific numerical conversion multiple between inches and millimeters. There are usually special tables that express the conversion of specific gauges to inches or millimeters. See the table below for details:
aluminum sheet gauge chart

14 gauge aluminum sheet thickness

14 gauge aluminum sheet in inches
14 gauge thickness aluminum sheet in inches is 0.0641 inch.
14 gauge thickness aluminum plate in millimeter
14 gauge aluminum in millimeter is approximately 1.628 mm.

Other names for 14 gauge aluminum sheet

14 ga aluminum sheet 14 gauge aluminum plate
14 gauge size aluminum sheet
14 ga aluminium sheet plate

Product Specifications

Name 14 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Metal
Alloy 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series, 6xxx series
Temper O, H12, H16, H24, H32, T3, T8, etc
Thickness 1.628 mm/ 0.0641 inch
Width 100-2600mm
MOQ 1 Ton
Sample Free
Delivery Time 7-25 days after order confirmation
Standards ASTM-B209,EN573-1,GB/T3880.1-2006
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

14-gauge Aluminum Strength

The strength of 14-gauge aluminum varies depending on the specific alloy and material condition. For example, the tensile strength of 3003 aluminum 14 gauge is about 145-195MPa and the yield strength is 70-170MPa; 5052 aluminum has higher strength. The tensile strength of 14 gauge 5052 aluminum plate is about 215-305MPa and the yield strength is 160-240MPa.

How to Calculate the Weight of 14 Gauge Aluminum Sheet ?

To calculate the weight of an aluminum plate, you must know the specific dimensions of the aluminum sheet. Let’s take a 14 gauge thickness 4ft*8ft aluminum plate as an example to estimate its weight:

4’x8′ 14 Ga Aluminum Sheet

Density Approximately 0.0975 lbs/cubic inch
Width 4 feet/1220 mm/48 inches
Length 8 feet/2240 mm/96 inches
Thickness 14 gauge
1.628 mm
0.0641 inches
Volume 295.3728 cubic inch
Wight Approximately 28.80 lbs/13.06 kg/460.8 oz


aluminum 14 gauge weight sq ft
pounds per square foot approximately 0.9 lbs/ft2
kilograms per square foot approximately 0.425 kg/ft2
ounce per square foot approximately 14.4 oz/ft2

14 Aluminum Gauge Hot Selling Product



14 gauge 3003 aluminum polished diamond plate

It is a diamond aluminum alloy plate made from an ordinary 3003 aluminum plate with a thickness of about 1.628mm through surface polishing and rolling. The surface has a metallic luster and has the anti-slip, wear-resistant and aesthetic properties of aluminum tread plates. Suitable for automotive, shipbuilding and construction fields.

14 gauge aluminum checker plate


14 gauge aluminum checker plate is a diamond plate with a specific thickness of 0.0641 inches, also called 14 ga aluminum diamond plate, 14 gauge aluminum tread plate, 14 gauge aluminum checkered plate. The appearance is the same as that of common aluminum diamond plates, except that the thickness is fixed at 0.0641 inches.
anodized aluminum 14 gauge sheets 14 gauge anodized aluminum sheet is aluminum sheet that has been anodized.

Typical Applications

Construction industry 4x10 aluminum sheet for siding
Electronics industry 16 gauge aluminum sheet for ev battery shell
Packing industry 18 gauge aluminum for can
Automobile industry 3003 aluminum for car body
Aerospace 18 gauge aluminum sheet for aviation

Common Aluminum Sheet Thickness in Gauge

14 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Price

Today’s aluminum price of Yangtze Nonferrous Ferrous

2024.01.31 aluminum price

Today’s aluminum price 2024-01-31

Market Price Range Average Price Average price for the first three days Average price for the first five days Average price last week
Changjiang Nonferrous 18940-18980 18960 19076.67 19026 19023.33
Shanghai spot 18940-18980 18960 19,063.33 19,016 18914
Nanhai Lingtong 19210-19310 19260 19393 19382 19326


14 Gauge vs 16 Gauge Aluminum

16 gauge aluminum sheet is thinner than 14 gauge aluminium plate. 

aluminum sheet detailes

Where to Buy 14 Gauge Aluminum Metal

YSA is a manufacturer of 14 gauge aluminum plates with quality as its top priority. Yongsheng aluminum plates feature no side bends, surface oil stains, blisters, waves, peeling, black spots, or other flaws. Our products are exported to over 70 countries. We will update the most recent price for you online 24 hours a day to assure good quality and affordable cost.

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