Aluminium Sheet for Car Body

Alloy: 5000, 6000 Series

Temper: O-H112, etc

Width: 20-2600mm, can be customized

Thickness: 0.15-600mm, can be customized

Surface:Mill Finish, Coated, Powder Coated, Anodized, Mirror, Embossed, checkered, etc.

Delivery Time:7-25 days after order confirmation

Product Introduction

Aluminium sheet for car body is mainly 5000 series and 6000 series. Typical grades include 6016, 6111, 6022, 6181, 5052, 5182, 5754 and other aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloy bodywork has the advantages of being lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistant, and recyclable, making it an ideal metal for the automotive industry.

aluminum automotive body


Alloy Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Details Application
5182 0.15-600 20-2600 Car door Car Body
Front and rear cover
Automobile fender
Car lift
5083 0.15-600 20-2600 Car roof
5754 0.15-600 20-2600 Car roof
6061 0.15-600 20-2600 Car doors, roof and chassis
6063 0.15-600 20-2600 Car body and frame

Typical Aluminium Alloy

  1. 6016 aluminum alloy: 6016 aluminum sheet is a popular aluminum alloy for car bodies due to its outstanding formability, corrosion resistance, and welding performance.
  2. 5182 aluminum plate is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy that is extensively used in the production of vehicle body outer panels and chassis components.
  3. 6111 aluminum alloy: 6111 aluminum is a high-strength aluminum alloy with outstanding formability. It is appropriate for the production of body parts such as doors, roofs, and so on.

aluminum car body

Aluminium Sheet for Car Body Advantages

  1. Lightweight, high strength, weight reduction, and energy savings: Aluminium sheet for car body can lower overall vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption, and increase fuel economy.
  2. Corrosion resistance: Aluminum metal has good corrosion resistance and outlasts steel bodies in terms of endurance.
  3. Aluminum sheets are easily shaped, bendable, stamped, and excellent for automobile bodywork and structural components.
  4. Aluminum goods have a lower loss rate after use and perform better in recycling than other metals.

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