Aluminum Foil Pot


Alloy: 3000 series, 8000 series

Temper: O, H14, H24, etc

Thickness: 0.03mm, 0.05mm, customized

Shape: Round, rectangle

MOQ: 5000pcs

Price Term: FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.


Aluminum foil pots are spherical cooking vessels produced from aluminum foil using a stamping die. Has strong thermal conductivity, is durable, heat-resistant, and simple to clean.

  • Ideal for baking or over a free fire.
  • Food-grade aluminum foil is safe, non-toxic, odorless, and not readily distorted.
  • Can be used to bake cookies, fruits, and pies.
  • There is no need to clean after one use.
  • Nonstick and simple to release.
  • Durable and heat resistant.


Name Aluminum foil pot
Raw Material Alloy 3003, 3004, 8011, etc
Shape Round, rectangle
Color Silver
Capacity Customized
Style Modern
MOQ 5000pcs
Surface treatment Mill Finish, Coated, Powder Coated, Anodized, Mirror, Embossed, checkered, etc.
Delivery Time 7-25 days after order confirmation
Standards GB/T 33227-2016、JIS H4000、ASTM B209、EN 485
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

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Can you put aluminum foil in crock pot ?

Yes. You can use aluminum foil to wrap individual portions of food, or create a foil package to separate ingredients for cooking independently. However, do not place it directly on the bottom of the electric stew pot to avoid direct contact between the pot and the aluminum foil. This will interfere with heat transfer and cause uneven heating of food. You can avoid this hazard by placing a layer of baking paper or a heat-resistant liner specifically designed for electric saucepans between the aluminum foil and the saucepan.

Can you put aluminum foil in an instant pot ?

Not recommended for putting in the Instant Pot. Because Instant Pots are usually made of nonstick coating or metal, they conduct heat extremely well. Aluminum foil is highly thermally conductive, and if placed directly inside the Instant Pot, the foil may come into contact with heat from high temperatures and steam, causing the paper to crack, burn, or create other safety risks.

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