Aluminum Strip For Window Blinds

Alloy: 3000 series aluminum

Temper: O – H112, etc

Width: 8mm-200mm

Thickness: 0.005 mm- 3 mm, Customized

Surface Treatment: Mill finish、coated、powder coated、anodized、polished mirror、embossed、etc.

Packing: Wooden pallet export standard packing

What Is Aluminum Strip For Window Blinds?

Aluminum strip for window blinds should be made of high-purity aluminum alloy material. It is characterized by being thin and having a certain strength. The surface of this aluminum strip is usually specially treated to enhance its corrosion resistance and appearance. The shape of aluminum strips for blinds is usually narrow and long strips, with a smooth and flat surface without obvious unevenness and oxides, and the thickness is usually between 0.18mm and 0.3mm.

window blinds


Specifications of Aluminum Strip For Window Blinds:

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Typical Applications





 O-H112 etc



0.1 – 500






Lamp base materials,

blind materials, heat sinks,

LCD back sheet materials,

aluminum substrates for color coating




0.1 – 500







0.1 – 500




Advantages of Aluminum Strips for Window Blinds:

  • Light weight, high strength
  • Better sealing
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Strong corrosion resistance

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