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YSA 1060 aluminum coil

What Is 1060 Aluminum Coil ?

1060 aluminum coils are commercially pure aluminum alloy that belongs to the alloy aluminum 1000 series. It consists mainly of aluminum (at least 99.6%), with very low amounts of other elements. Yongsheng aluminum coils are made by casting molten aluminum into ingots, then hot rolling to reduce the thickness and forming the aluminum into coils. The coil is then cold rolled to achieve the desired thickness and improve the surface finish. Manufacturers can anneal to relieve internal stress and enhance formability. The resulting coils are then finished with cutting, slitting and surface treatment to ensure that they meet the specifications required for various applications. Quality control measures are implemented throughout the process to ensure the production of high-quality aluminum coils, such as the common 1050 aluminum coil, 1100 aluminum coil, 3003 aluminum coil, etc..

1060 Aluminum Coil Properties:

Chemical Components:


Physical Properties:

  • Density:2.7 g/cm³
  • Melting Point:660°C (1220°F)
  • Thermal Expansion:23.5 x 10^(-6) K^(-1)
  • Elastic Modulus:69 GPa (10,000,000 psi)
  • Thermal Conductivity:235 W/m·K
  • Electrical Resistivity :0.0282 Ω·mm²/m

Advantages Of 1060 Aluminum Coil:

1060 aluminum coil is part of the aluminum 1000 series, which is commonly used in aluminum alloys. This aluminum sheet series has the following advantages over other high-grade alloy aluminum sheets: broad application, relatively simple production process, relatively mature technology, and relatively high price; good elongation and tensile strength, sufficient to meet general processing requirements (stamping, stretching); high formability; industrial pure aluminum; high plasticity; and corrosion resistance. Heat conduction; higher conductivity than 5052 aluminum coil; good rust and corrosion resistance; gas welding, hydrogen atom welding, and contact welding; brazing is difficult. Flat shape, accurate geometric proportions, high surface gloss; green and environmental protection, long service life, cheap direct cost, and high purchasing value; easy to bear varied pressure processing, stretching, and bending; flat shape, precise geometric dimensions, high surface shine; It is a high-quality light alloy product with a low relative density.

1060 Aluminum Coil Applications:

I. Commonly used in daily necessities, lighting control systems, reflectors, decorations, pharmaceutical utensils, chemical instruments, cold-rolled plate machined parts, heat pipe radiators, deep-drawing or metal mold concave containers, welding parts, heat exchangers, watch layers and stock market K-line charts, restaurant kitchen utensils, decorations, reflective equipment, reflective equipment, signs (similar to 1050, 1060, 3003 aluminum circles), electronic components, lamps, billboards, factory nameplates, home appliances, metal stamping parts and other commodities.

Refrigerator Evaporator

II. Can be used to install electrical aluminum materials, such as closed busbars, wires, wires, electronic parts; can be used as heat exchangers, chemical machinery and equipment.  Like 6061 aluminum coils can also be used in some structural parts, which improves the overall strength and heat resistance, but it is not as economical and widely used as 1060.

III. Tobacco, tea, sugar and other food companies and pharmaceutical packaging supplies, beer barrels and other low-alloy plate handicrafts. There are also 3003 aluminum coils, 3004 aluminum coils, 5052 aluminum coils and 6061 aluminum coils commonly used in low alloy handicrafts.

IV. In construction, it can be used as color steel roof, home decoration ceiling, partition wall, sound insulation and wall insulation material, thermal insulation aluminum skin, building exterior decoration, as well as household appliances, kitchen appliances, lamp holders, fan blades, clocks and watches surface and disc surface etc..

Insulation aluminum coil

Packaging Requirements For 1060 Aluminum Coil:

Export packing for aluminum coil: Aluminum coil exports frequently. Fumigated flathead frames secured with steel bands on the outside typically serve as export packing. It can be sent by sea since it uses moisture-proof cotton, moisture-proof paper, and airtight packaging.

YSA aluminum coil packing

The packaging of aluminum coils is based on the specifications and dimensions of the product, and the packaging box and packaging method are selected. For box-type packaging, the product cannot be squeezed or moved after entering the box. The making material of packing box can be materials such as wood board, plywood, fibreboard, metal. The packing box should be clean and tidy, and have enough strength to ensure that it will not be deformed or damaged during storage and transportation. The nails in the wooden packing box are arranged step by step, and the nail tips should not be exposed, and should be turned down to avoid nail caps and nail tips from hurting the aluminum coil during storage and transportation. The height of the bottom bracket should meet the requirements of forklift transportation.

The aluminum coil product should be wrapped in a layer of strong neutral or weakly acidic material after passing inspection and receiving inspection stamps, and the joints should be sealed with tape or labels. The aluminum coil’s end face is covered with a soft pad for protection. Add a desiccant, cover it with a plastic bag, slide the portions of the bag that extend past the aluminum coil into the tube’s interior, seal it with a plastic plug of the appropriate size, and put it in the shipping container. Once the goods has been packed, cover it with a layer of moisture-resistant paper or plastic cloth. After putting the packing list, you can cover it and seal the box with steel belts. The steel belts should be tied firmly.

1060 Aluminum Coil Manufacturer:

Yongsheng 1000 series aluminum coil has high plasticity, corrosion resistance and good electrical and thermal conductivity. This series of aluminum coil has long service life, mature processing technology, low cost and high recycling value. Our company has a hot continuous rolling production line, which provides a solid foundation for the large-scale production of aluminum coils. Especially Yongsheng’s 1060 aluminum coil is an excellent representative of good quality and low price. It has a flat surface and high cleanliness, is suitable for polymer welding, has good product elongation and tensile strength, and can meet conventional processing requirements.

1060 Aluminum Coil Vs 6061 Aluminum Coil:

1060 aluminum coil: 1060 aluminum coil belongs to the pure aluminum series. Its main component is 99.6% aluminum and 0.4% other components, so it has extremely high purity. Aluminum coil 1060 has low strength and hardness and is mainly used in situations where strength requirements are not high. Precisely because of its low purity, 1060 aluminum coils show excellent plasticity, are very easy to process and form, and can be used for deep drawing, bending, welding and other processes. It has good corrosion resistance under normal atmospheric environment. It is a relatively popular alloy aluminum grade.

6061 aluminium coil: 6061 aluminium coil belongs to the aluminium alloy series, mainly composed of aluminium, magnesium, silicon, copper and other elements of the alloy, the chemical composition is more complex. It is a high strength aluminium alloy with excellent mechanical properties and hardness. It is suitable for applications requiring high strength and wear resistance. Its processing performance is slightly worse than 1060 aluminium coil. Processing requires the use of appropriate processes and equipment, such as heat treatment and deformation processing. It is less resistant to corrosion in the natural environment and usually requires surface treatment or coating for protection. It is also more expensive than ordinary aluminium alloys. 6061 aluminium coil is suitable for applications requiring high strength and wear resistance, such as automotive components, aerospace industry, sports equipment, etc.

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