Aluminum Strip For Radiator Fin


Alloy: 1000, 3000, 8000 series

Temper: O-H112 etc

Width: 40mm – 90mm

Thickness: 0.3 mm- 3 mm, Customized

Surface Treatment: Mill finish、coated、powder coated、anodized、polished mirror、embossed、etc.

Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

Radiator Fin Aluminum Strip Description:

Aluminum strips for radiator fin are usually made of aluminum alloy and have a series of grooves or fin structures on their surface. Radiator fin is a structure with a flat and thin shape, usually rectangular or parallelogram, used in radiators (or heat dissipation devices) to effectively dissipate heat, reduce the temperature of the equipment, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Typically used with high temperature or high power equipment such as electronic equipment, car engines, air conditioning systems, etc. The design and material selection of the radiator fins directly affect the cooling performance of the device.

YSA aluminum strip for fin

color aluminum strip for radiator fin


Aluminum Strip for Radiator Fin Specification:

Width: 10mm-1500mm

Thickness: 0.2mm-3mm

Temper: O, H14, H18, H22, H24, H26, etc

YSA Radiator Fin Aluminum Strips Advantages:

  • Highest quality requirements (For example, 1/2 EN standard strip thickness, edges with a minimum burr, and manufacturing tolerances of +/- 0,05mm)
  • Electrical conductivity of at than 34.0 MS/m is guaranteed.
  • Thermal treatment in our annealing furnace is a possibility.

YSA Radiator Fin Aluminum Strips Packing:

aluminum strip for radiator fin packing

Product & Packaging Photos

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