Cigarette Aluminum Foil

Alloy: 1000, 3000, 8000 series etc

Temper: O-H112 etc

Thickness: 0.006 mm ~ 0.007 mm

Delivery: Ready stock: 7-10 days, future goods: 15-30 days

Processing method: Coloring, printing, etc

Packaging: Seaworthy wooden pallet, wooden case, aluminum plate case.

Cigarette Aluminum Foil Introduction

Cigarette aluminum foil is a special aluminum foil used to package cigarettes. It has the functions of moisture-proof, oxidation-proof, odor-proof, and keeping cigarettes fresh. Usually, we will choose high-purity aluminum as the raw material for cigarette foil, such as 1235, 8011 and other tempers of aluminum foil. These aluminum foils have good ductility, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties and can meet various requirements of cigarette packaging.

Specifications of Cigarette Aluminum Foil:

Aluminum foil backing paper is a composite paper of tissue paper and aluminum foil. The thickness of aluminum foil is 0.006mm to 0.007mm. Generally, 0.006mm thick aluminum foil (double zero foil) is used. It has a soft texture and good extensibility.
Double Zero foil is also a lightweight foil. Usually the thickness is 0.0063mm-0.0075mm, and aluminum foil with a thickness less than 0.0055mm is called ultra-thin aluminum foil. Widely used in aluminum-plastic composite packaging, electrolytic capacitors, air conditioners, battery packaging, etc.
The cigarette foil is smooth, flat, low in cost and relatively stable in chemical properties. Aluminum foil used in cigarette packaging has two main functions: one is to preserve flavor, and the other is to prevent mildew. Common alloys include 8079 and 1235 aluminum foil.

Standards for Cigarette Aluminum Foil:

  1. Aluminum alloy quality: Cigarette aluminum foil usually uses high-purity aluminum alloy, such as 1xxx series aluminum alloy, to ensure it has good oxidation resistance and molding properties. The purity of aluminum must meet international standards.
  2. Thickness consistency: The thickness of cigarette aluminum foil should be within the specified range, and consistency is required to ensure consistency and controllability during the production process.
  3. Surface treatment: Surface treatment is key and can include two types: bright and matte. Surface treatment must be uniform and consistent to meet the customer’s appearance requirements.
  4. Antioxidation: Cigarette aluminum foil must have good antioxidant properties to prevent the effects of oxygen and moisture on cigarettes.
  5. Surface finish: The surface of cigarette aluminum foil must be smooth and have no obvious defects such as pits, scratches, etc.
  6. Width and length: The width and length must meet the customer’s requirements, and there is usually a certain tolerance range.
  7. Packaging: Products must be packaged appropriately to protect them from damage or contamination during transportation and storage.
  8. Comply with international standards: Cigarette aluminum foil products should comply with international standards, such as ASTM, EN, etc., to ensure product quality and reliability.
  9. Environmental requirements: The production process should comply with environmental regulations to ensure harmless emissions and waste disposal.
  10. Quality control: A strict quality control system needs to be established during the production process, including raw material inspection, production process monitoring and final product testing to ensure that products meet standards.
  11. Safety: Production processes should comply with safety standards to ensure the safety of employees and the work environment.

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