Double Zero Aluminum Foil

Alloy: 1235, 8011, etc

Temper: O

Thickness:  0.006mm-0.009mm

Delivery: Ready stock: 7-10 days, future goods: 15-30 days

MOQ: 3 Tons

Packaging: Seaworthy wooden pallet, wooden case, aluminum plate case.

What is Double Zero Aluminum Foil?

Double zero aluminum foil refers to high-quality aluminum foil that has been rolled and processed on both sides, with a smooth surface and no flaws or defects. The “Double Zero” in the name of Double Zero aluminum foil means that both sides of the aluminum foil have reached the zero-defect standard, which is also the biggest feature of Double Zero foil.
The manufacturing process of double zero aluminum foil is very strict. First, it needs to use high-purity aluminum materials, and then go through multiple rolling and processing processes, including surface cleaning, oiling, drying and other processes, to finally make a smooth surface without oxide scale. , aluminum foil without oil stains, bubbles, cracks and other defects. This aluminum foil has very high surface quality and mechanical properties, which can ensure the hygienic safety and product quality of aluminum foil food containers.

Double Zero Aluminum Foil Production Process:

1. Coil preparation:
The manufacturing of aluminum foil usually starts with the melting of aluminum ingots, and then the molten aluminum liquid is turned into aluminum foil coils through continuous casting, rolling and other processes.
2. Hot rolling and cold rolling:
Aluminum foil coils undergo hot rolling and cold rolling processes. Hot rolling is to heat the coil and roll it through a roller mill to reduce the thickness. It is then further stretched and thinned by cold rolling to achieve the desired thickness.
3. Hardening and softening:
Aluminum foil can be hardened through a heat treatment process to increase its strength, or softened through a softening process to reduce its hardness and improve formability. Double zero foil usually needs to be softened, that is, O temper (full soft temper).
4. Cutting and processing:
The cutting machine cuts the aluminum foil roll into the required width and length. On demand, Double Zero foils can be processed, such as printing, coating and other processes, to meet specific application requirements.

Applications of Double Zero Aluminum Foil

High-end food packaging: Double zero aluminum foil is ideal for high-end food packaging. Due to its very thin nature, it wraps food effectively, maintaining its freshness and hygiene. Therefore, it is often used to package chocolate, candy, dairy products, coffee, tea and other high-end foods to ensure the quality of the food.
Aluminum Foil Food Containers: Double zero aluminum foil is commonly used to make high-quality aluminum foil food containers, such as aluminum foil lunch boxes, bakeware, and food trays. These containers are suitable for baking, cooking, storing and transporting a variety of foods as Double zero aluminum foil has good heat conduction properties and food safety.
High-temperature baking: Due to its thinness and high-temperature resistance, Double zero aluminum foil is often used in high-temperature baking applications such as oven liners, baking sheet mats, and oven bags. It can withstand high temperature environments and ensures that food is evenly heated.
Electronic materials: Double-zero aluminum foil is also used in electronic material manufacturing, such as electronic component packaging and battery isolation films. Its thinness and conductive properties make it an important component of electronic devices.
Industrial applications: Double-zero aluminum foil also plays an important role in some industrial applications, such as thermal pads, thermal insulation materials and other areas that require extremely thin aluminum foil.

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