Reflective Aluminum Sheet

Alloy: 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx Series

Temper: O-H112, T3-T8, T351-T851

Width: 30mm-2650mm

Thickness: 0.1-5.0 mm

Length: Any

Size: 4×8, 4×10, 5×10, 6×10, customized

Product Introduction

Reflective aluminum sheet is manufactured by rolling, grinding, and other processes to create a mirror effect on the plate surface. The surface of the reflective aluminum plate is polished and has a very high reflectivity. When light strikes the surface of the aluminum sheet, it is reflected, much like a mirror.

reflective aluminum plate sheet show

YSA is a company that manufactures and supplies high-quality reflective aluminum plates, brushed aluminum plates, and anodized aluminum sheets at competitive costs. Our reflective aluminum sheets may achieve a reflectivity of up to 98% while keeping quality in mind.
98% reflective aluminum sheet refers to an aluminum plate that can reflect approximately 98% of incident light.
95 reflective aluminum sheet is an aluminum plate that can reflect about 95% of incident light.

Product Specifications

Name Reflective Polished Aluminium Sheet
Alloy 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series
Temper O,H12,H22,H24,H26,H28,H32, etc
Thickness 0.10-5.0mm
Width 30-2650mm
Length Customized
MOQ 1 Ton
Use Period 10 Years Indoor, 2 Years Outdoor Under Sunshine
Delivery Time 7-25 days after order confirmation
Standards GB/T 33227-2016、JIS H4000、ASTM B209、EN 485
Price Terms FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF, etc.

5052h32 High Reflective Aluminum Sheet

5052H32 high reflective aluminum sheet is an aluminum plate with high reflecting qualities that has been carefully processed in the H32 temper of the 5052 aluminum alloy. It finds widespread application in the lighting and solar energy industries.
Indoor and outdoor lighting equipment include lamp reflectors, street light reflectors, floodlights, and spotlight reflectors.
Solar reflectors and concentrators. The high reflectivity of aluminum sheets in solar photovoltaic systems helps concentrate sunlight onto solar cells, increasing energy collecting efficiency.

Advantages of Reflective Aluminum Sheet

  • Light weight and corrosion resistant.
  • Weather-resistant and long service life.
  • Good stain resistance and does not stick to water.
  • Uniform coating and various colors.
  • Green and environmentally friendly, harmless to human body.
  • Good adhesion and good bending performance.
  • The board surface is flat and stable.
  • Easy to install and construct, easy to maintain.


Reflective Aluminum Sign reflective aluminum signs
Reflective Aluminum for Light reflective aluminum sheet for light

Aluminum Reflctive Building

reflective aluminum sheet for building

Why Can Reflective Aluminum Plates be Used as Illuminators?

Reflective aluminum sheets can be utilized as illuminators primarily because of their high reflectivity. Reflective aluminum is specifically treated or coated to make it extremely reflective. This means that when light strikes the surface of an aluminum plate, the majority of it is reflected while relatively little is absorbed or scattered. The highly reflective aluminum plate can direct the light to the region that needs to be lighted, resulting in a more powerful lighting effect.
As a result, based on its reflecting qualities, 5052H32 high-reflective aluminum plate is commonly used as a reflective material in lighting equipment to improve lighting effects and minimize energy consumption.

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