1145 Aluminum Foil

Alloy: 1145

Temper: O, H12, H14,H18,H24,  etc

Thickness: 0.006-0.2mm

Width: 10-1500mm

Delivery Time: 7-30 days after order confirmation

Surface Treatment: Mill Finish, Coated, Mirror, Embossed, checkered, etc.

Product Introduction

1145 aluminum foil is an aluminum alloy material commonly used in industrial and commercial fields. It has excellent conductive properties and is often used in electronic devices, batteries, capacitors and other fields. Very similar to 1235 aluminum alloy, it is lightweight, soft, easy to process and form.

Product Properties

Chemical Composition

Element Value (%)
Si+Fe Remain
Cu 0.05
Mn 0.05
Mg 0.05
Zn 0.05
Ti 0.03
Al ≥99.45


Mechanical Properties


Temper Tensile Strength (psi) Yield Strength (psi)

Elongation (%)


O 13×1000


5 x 1000



16 x 1000 15 x 1000 12


18 x 1000 17 x 1000 9
H16 21 x 1000 20 x 1000


H18 24 x 1000 22 x 1000


Product Applications

1145 aluminum foil is often used as raw material for making food packaging, printing foil, hair salon foil, electrical appliance foil, battery foil, household foil, cable foil and other applications. The most common ones are in electronic and electrical applications, such as capacitors, batteries, etc.

1145 aluminum foil applications

1145 Aluminum Foil Advantages

  1. Strictly control the width and thickness of the finished product, and ensure that the upper and lower thickness is within 4%.
  2. Ensure slice quality, end faces are aligned, and there are no burrs, tower shapes, etc..
  3. Make sure there is a non-adherent layer of tape on the seams.
  4. The layout is smooth, without burrs, oil spots, black oil spots, bright lines, roller marks, unevenness, etc.

Product & Packaging Photos

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