Car Heat Insulation Foil

Alloy: 1000 Series

Temper: O, H14, H16, H18, H24,  etc

Thickness: 0.01 mm ~ 0.2 mm

Delivery: Ready stock: 7-10 days, future goods: 15-30 days

MOQ: 3 Tons

Packaging: Seaworthy wooden pallet, wooden case, aluminum plate case.

What Is Car Heat Insulation Foil?

Car heat insulation foil is a thin and light aluminum foil material that is usually used to cover the heat and sound insulation materials of cars to reduce heat conduction and noise transmission. Car heat insulation aluminum foil is not only very light, but also can reduce the temperature inside the car and improve the efficiency of air conditioning. It also has certain sound insulation properties, which can reduce the transmission of external noise and improve the quietness inside the car.

car heat insulation foil

Car Heat Insulation Foil: 1000 Series Aluminum

Car heat insulation foil generally chooses high-purity, high-reflective aluminum alloy material-1000 series aluminum foil. Here’s why:
1. High purity: 1000 series aluminum alloys are extremely pure aluminum, typically containing more than 99% aluminum. This high-purity aluminum has excellent heat-reflective properties, effectively reflecting heat and light and reducing the temperature inside the vehicle.
2. Good thermal conductivity: 1000 series aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity, which means it can quickly transfer heat and disperse heat sources, helping to evenly distribute temperature and reduce hot spots areas.
3. Lightweight: 1000 series aluminum alloys are very light, which is crucial for automobile manufacturing. Using lightweight materials can reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and improve fuel efficiency and performance.
4. Ease of processing: 1000 series aluminum alloys have excellent forming and processing properties and can meet the needs of complex shapes and sizes. This is crucial for the manufacture of thermal insulation layers for different car models and components.
5. Non-Toxic and harmless: 1000 series aluminum is environmentally friendly, contains no harmful substances, and will not adversely affect the air quality inside your vehicle.
6. Corrosion resistance: This type of aluminum alloy usually has good corrosion resistance and can maintain stable performance and extend service life under harsh weather conditions.
7. Recyclability: Aluminum 1000 series is recyclable, helping to reduce environmental impact and meet the requirements of sustainability and green production.

Advantages of Car Heat Insulation Foil:

  • It has a lower thermal conductivity than other flexible closed-cell insulation materials and has a near-zero vapor permeability.
  • Energy saving performance.
  • Aluminum foil reflects approximately 96% of radiant heat, making it ideal for thermal insulation.
  • Moisture-resistant, the film ensures that water vapor cannot penetrate the insulation, preventing mold formation and moisture damage.
  • Allows for quick, easy installation and trouble-free operation in a variety of environments.

Car Heat Insulation Foil Usages:

This can be used in any vehicle in your entire interior: floor pan, doors, under your carpet/seats, headliner/roof, trunk, trunk lids, firewall (interior side), and under your hood as a hood liner. Our customers use this car insulation in their muscle car, hot rod, street rod, rat rod, corvette, import, tuner, classic car, race car, stock car, old vintage car, pickup, truck, low rider, SUV, van, RV, limousine, camper, boat, motor home, school bus, etc.

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